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17 Jan 2016

There is a certain type of person who, when eating a banana, breaks pieces off with their hand and places the pieces in their mouth, instead of just biting the banana.

rn - dec.2015
25 Dec 2015

Happy Holidays!

On Life
10 Mar 2015

A while ago, I came across Conway’s Game of Life and I was instantly fascinated for much the same reason I believe most people are: it’s so simple and elegant that it gives you a sense that anything can happen. I finally had the opportunity to implement it using JavaScript and an HTML canvas and it was loads of fun.

On Writing
18 Jan 2015

Recently, I have felt the need to write more.

As my liberal arts education progresses, it is becoming markedly less liberal-artsy. Most of my General Education Requirements are now behind me and I am diving deeper into my major and minor ( I’m planning on taking 4 math classes and 1 computer science class next semester). As you can imagine, there aren’t too many essays to be written in math and CS, so I’ve been trying (and failing) to make myself write something…anything.