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25 Dec 2015

Happy Holidays!

In an effort to write more, I’m going to start posting monthly updates on what poppin’. Shout out to my colleague @tmcw’s recently posts for inspiration!


  • Finished up a tough, but largely successful semester. Only a few more to go!
  • Starting Numerical Linear Algebra research next semester (see reading). Super jazzed to dive in!



  • geo-lang - a compile to GeoJSON stylesheet language written in Python (possible moving to C soon) [WIP]
  • linear-algebra - a Node.js linear algebra library [WIP]

On The Web

New (to me)

  • Emily King - so darn lovely
  • Arduino - I’ve been meaning to snag an Arduino after playing with my Rasberry Pi all semester so it was a lovely surprise when my girlfriend got me the Arduino Uno for Christmas (she’s such a good listener!)
  • Colonial Half Marathon - started training for the Colonial Marathon down in Williamsburg, VA. Wish me luck!


  • Taking my first trip to West Coast during the New Year. Hit me up if you’re in the Bay Area and want to grab a latté!